D2 Exploitation Pack 1.83 12.03.14


canvas_modules - Added: 
- d2sec_netcharts: Visual Mining NetCharts Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (Web Exploit)
- d2sec_opmanager: ManageEngine OpManager Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (Web Exploit)
- d2sec_axis2_discovery : Apache Axis2 Information Gathering (Recon)

canvas_modules - Updated:
- d2sec_axis2_filedisclo:
  - d2sec_axis rename by d2sec_axis2_filedisclo
  - minor improvments and bug fixes

d2sec_modules - Added
- d2sec_celery_ssh : An asynchronous ssh bruteforcer, using celery redis and hydra (Tools)

d2sec_modules - Updated:
- d2sec_axis_ws renamed by d2sec_axis2_ws

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