D2 Exploitation Pack for Immunity CANVAS

D2 Exploitation Pack helps enterprise to replicate real-life attacks during penetration tests by providing powerful and efficient exploitation tools, validating vulnerability scans and revealing which data would be at risk.

D2 Exploitation Pack subscription is licensed per user ($5,400 USD annual subscription).

Icon Immunity

Designed for Immunity CANVAS

D2 Exploitation Pack provides hundreds of offensive security modules designed to work with Immunity CANVAS software. You can find more information about CANVAS on Immunity website.

Icon Tools

Efficient exploits and tools

D2 Exploitation Pack helps you to replicate all the steps of a real-life attack during a penetration test.
It provides you the exploits and the tools you need for:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Configuration weaknesses
  • Server side attack
  • Client side attack
  • Post-exploitation
  • Privileges escalation

Icon Vulnerability

Vulnerability scan validation

D2 Exploitation Pack can import and validate the exploitability of results from well-known vulnerability scanners. Critical vulnerabilities can be easily identified.

Icon Updates

Frequent updates

D2 Exploitation Pack is updated each month with new exploits and tools to keep a high level of efficiency.

Microsoft Word DDEAUTO

Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention Java Deserialization


Client side exploitation


Citrix & Terminal Services clients exploitation

Citrix & Terminal Services clients sniffing

Lotus Notes server exploitation

Lotus Notes clients exploitation

SSH credentials to MOSDEF node

Automatic linux kernel local root exploitation

Nessus vulnerability report analyzer 1/2

Nessus vulnerability report analyzer 2/2

Qualys vulnerability report analyzer 1/2

Qualys vulnerability report analyzer 2/2